Located in Waiuku, South Auckland;  Sue works from her rustic farm house away from the stresses of day to day life.  Enjoy a home environment with a healing room for you to relax in.
Using Tui Balm waxes, Sue offers a range of wax mixes that you can choose from.  This introduces aromatherapy to your massage.  Relax back in a private area on a heated bed to ensure your comfort.
Listen to birds and farm animals rather than traffic.  

Sue welcomes those just wanting to relax and ease out the stresses of a busy lifestyle or maybe you have a sore area that needs a bit of work.  Whether you are a mum being pulled left right and centre by the kids or a workman with a sore back you are welcome to give Sue a call.

Sue also offers Healing Dialogue, life coaching with a difference. Do you need someone to chat too?  Why not book a massage and then follow it up with a Healing Dialogue session to really relax your mind and body. 

 There is an essential relationship that most people take for granted. That is the relationship between the client and their massage therapist. When clients first meet a massage therapist they have yet to develop and then establish what the dynamics of the relationship will be. The massage therapist needs to allow the client time to explore their strengths and discuss the qualifications and skills that the therapist has to offer the client. 

If is for this exact reason that Sue invites clients new and returning to spend a few minutes chatting before we enter the massage room. This is the time for clients to explore what they want from the massage session. Questions are welcome and any concerns are addressed.

At the first session there will be a fragile relationship till the client builds trust in my practise.

Feedback is welcome, it helps me develop a better plan for the next session, therefore your comments are treated with respect. 

We work towards a mutual end, your wellbeing.