Healing Dialogue
What is Healing dialogue.. It’s where you get to sit down and chat about the “stuff” that is worrying you. Consider it life coaching with a difference. 

There are times where you just need a listening ear to chat to about things, an ear that is not connected to anyone you know. 

A safe place to talk and unload. 

Maybe I can lead you to see a fresh perspective or help you to reach a better understanding of the things that are troubling you.

I offer a relaxed environment with a coffee or tea to sip on in privacy..

It’s a safe zone to explore your emotions, viewpoints and behaviours..  use healing dialogue to identify patterns of behaviours that you wish to change.

I can help you understand your strengths and use these to your best advantage to change those behaviours you have identified as ones you wish to change. 

Do not dwell on your weaknesses, acknowledge them and then plan a way forward past the hurdles they are creating in your life. You will have strengths that can be developed to assist you.

I have life experience as well as qualifications to offer you.  If you want to talk about relationships why not with someone who is in a successful relationship spanning decades..  that being said I come from what could only be called a very dysfunctional family as a child. Therefore I am very aware of what can happen when relationships are not good, I lived thru it.

I am a nurse, I have a understanding of how medical conditions and the medications you may need to take can affect you. Often I find some people have clashes or problems with the medications that need to be addressed. I have completed a Sexuality course so you can talk to me about sex. Again it makes me more open to those discussions you would hesitate to have with another person.

Appointments are one hour long.

The first appointment will be to see if we are suitable to work together.

I am a upfront person, if you want someone who is going to wrap you in cotton wool and tell you that the world is picking on you... then I will not be the person for you. I will be looking to get you to move past whatever is holding you back and empower you to process whatever is worrying you. Moving forward and getting stronger is the mindset I am seeking for my clients. 

If I believe you need assistance from other agencies I will suggest this to you.  If I believe you pose a danger to yourself or others I will contact other agencies to get support for you.

Appointments are $55.00 per hour. Paid on arrival.

Healing dialogue is a talking session only.

You can if you wish book a massage before a Healing Dialogue session, this will mean you are relaxed and have enjoyed Sues healing hands before a Healing Dialogue session. Please ensure you mention when booking that you want to enjoy both a massage and a Healing Dialogue session. This would require a two hour commitment in time.