Massages, 60 minutes.                                                                           $55.00 
Foot Massages, 70 minutes.                                                                 $65.00
Hot Stone Massages, 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage, 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage, 120 minutes

Warm Bamboo Massage,  60 minutes

Warm Bamboo Massage,  90 minutes

Warm Bamboo Massage,  120 minutes  

Lomi Lomi Massage  60 minutes  

Lomi Lomi Massage with exfoliation and Honey Body Moisturiser       90 minutes

Hot Wax Massage, 60 minutes

Hot Wax Massage, 90 minutes

Fiffi Brushing Massage, 90 minutes

Reiki sessions, 60-90 minutes depending on needs.                   $55.00 - $85.00

Mini facial, 30 minutes                                   

Soothing facial, 45 minutes

Deluxe Rebalancing facial, 60 Minutes

Gift Vouchers with greeting card by arrangement with costs depending on the service gifted. All gift vouchers are sent by courier.  There is a $10.00 charge on top of the chosen service to cover the costs of the card and courier. 

Waxing prices are listed on the wax page.. 

Sessions for couples:

Sessions to teach you to massage your partner is by arrangement; call me to discuss your requirements.  These sessions are individually priced depending on what you wish to learn.  You will be working directly on your own partner. Learn to safely massage with quality products.  Not only will I teach you the strokes required but also the hygiene and safety aspect of massage.

If you have any special requirements or wish to discuss a more personalised session please contact Sue to discuss your requirements. These sesssions would be individually prices to suit the timing and individual expectations. 

All prices are inclusive GST.

If you believe you will need more than the time listed above for your chosen massage please discuss this with Sue at the time of booking the appointment to confirm the cost and ensure the time that you require is available. 

Payment is accepted by cash, eftpost. internet banking  by arrangement only for known clients. Sorry credit cards are not accepted. Payment is made on arrival. No refunds are available. 

Cancelation Policy

Unfortunately due to a few people failing to arrive for appointments or calling literally at the time of their appointment to change the time etc I have to implement a policy to deal with this situation.

When you make an appointment please be aware there are other people also booked during the same day. So if you are running late it impacts on other people as well. Everyone groans at the waiting times at the Dr’s and I do not want that situation to happen here. I allow a space between clients to allow the room to be freshened and changed. So just because you do not see another client waiting as you leave doesn’t mean that another client is not due in. It’s because of how I run the bookings.

From now on if you fail to arrive for an appointment, arrive late etc appointments will only be made in the future for you if payment for the appointment is made ahead of time by internet banking. If you fail to arrive for your appointment the monies is forfeit in lieu of services booked. If you arrive late for appointments the appointment will finish at the normal time, ie: if you appointment was for 1pm to 2pm and you arrive at 1.30pm your appointment will still finish at 2pm and the full amount is payable for the appointment.

Sorry to have to put this out there but people forget that what they do affect others.

By booking a appointment you are accepting this cancelation policy.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Sun: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Weekend and evening appointments are by arrangement. Please call and see if Sue is available. Sunday appointments are for those who are injured and unable to wait till Monday for a appointment.