Do you want to learn to massage your partner with relaxing loving touch?

Of course you may just want to learn to massage your partner to offer them a way to relax after a stressful day,if you both learn then you both can enjoy giving and receiving massage.  

This session can also be a way for friends to have a fun day and learn to massage in the process. 

Maybe you just want to be able to offer your partner a wonder experience with massage. There are a lot of different methods of massage that I teach you. Apart from relaxation massage we can also explore Hot Wax Massage using soya wax massage candles or Riffi brushing to ensure your partner is very relaxed. These are massage techniques you can use at home to add spice to your relationship.

Intimacy is a very important aspect of any loving relationship. Intercourse is not the only method of ensuring intimacy. At times due to ill health, medications, stress and other difficulties intercourse is not an option to ensure intimacy remains. 

Simply put loving touch massage can offer an alternative.  

If your partner is unwell or not able to have intercourse they can feel that any touch you try to offer is a demand for sex.  During my sexuality course this was one of the foremost problems that lead to problems in a partnership. This is very destructive. Therefore I work with couples to develop methods of giving and receiving touch without expectations of sexual intercourse.  

Often one partner may be trying to express their love without the other partner actually recognising what is being offered.  Communication is the key to intimacy. Developing time within a relationship to allow for loving communication in any form is very important.

A session will ensure that you both have a chance to learn how to offer a wonderful relaxing massage. 

You will both have the opportunity to receive a relaxing loving massage with me introducing the strokes and teaching the methods to induce a deep relaxation response in your partner. At times the person receiving the massage may actually feel dual hands as I lead your partner by having them mirror strokes. This is a hands on experience where you will be doing the massaging. The learning will move at the persons pace who is learning, there is no pressure. I am happy to repeat strokes and offer explanations to your questions. 

The session will include a break between the massages which allows times for a snack and drinks to rehydrate. This is also time to ask any questions you may have.  

This massage session requires at least three to four hours to allow for both partners to receive and give a massage plus the break for nibbles. The first session would be longest where I would be also discussing hygiene and safety issues surrounding massage.

The outcome I will be aiming for is that as a couple you will feel comfortable and have received enough information about massage to set your own area up at your home to continue giving each other massages.  Please call to discuss your requirements. Be aware that since you are a couple both people will be required to consent to this session. So be ready to pass the phone to your partner for me to gain their consent to the booking being made. 

Please be aware there is a lot of setup for couples sessions. Including heating and preparation of TWO rooms. As well as the massage room a separate room is heated and set up for refreshments and discussion time. 

3 to 4 hours (1st session)       $420.00 - includes refreshments.
Other sessions                       POA depending on the time required.

This booking requires a 50% deposit which can be paid by internet transfer for NZ residents or PayPal invoice for overseas clients. The booking is not confirmed till this deposit is recieved. It is a non-refundable deposit if you do not attend the session you book. Couples bookings require 48 hours notice.