As a young working woman I suffer from terrible anxiety and find it very hard to relax, but 20 minutes into my session with Sue I can honestly say I have never felt so calm and peaceful. Sues massage room is a true delight to walk into, from the array of crystals surrounding the room with energy, the calming sounds and candles to the beautiful body waxes that didn’t irritate my eczema prone skin. Sue is so open and friendly and makes you feel comfortable and welcome from the moment you step in the door. I already cannot stop raving about her healing hands and have lined my partner up to go next! Thank you Sue, I’ll be back for sure, especially with my new loyalty card to fill
Annabelle Hamilton, Pukekohe, NZ. (Student of Naturopathy).

Thank you very much for the experience of my first massage, god knows why I waited so long.
The whole Fluffy Ducks Pampering Is amazing, the setting, room and smells just relaxed you as soon as you walked into the room.
The massage, well what can I say, my body tingled and smelt beautiful for days, and I have never slept so well since having the massage, I will definitely be back sooner than later.
 I have told everybody that I have seen since that they all need to try the Fluffy Ducks experience.
Once again Sue, thank you so much, and see you soon
Sharline, Waiuku, NZ.
" Following the Christchurch earthquakes, I was fortunate to have a brief escape in the North Island. During my stay, I was even more fortunate to visit Sue's beautiful part of NZ and find myself on her massage table.
Jumpy and anxious as I was, due to my recent experiences, the calming soothing nature of Sue's massage technique was exactly what I required. My senses were enlivened by whatever gorgeous balm she used during my massage - it was truly heaven scent :-). I became aware that I had been harbouring a huge amount of stress and emotional trauma physically and I felt as if Sue was putting me back in my body again. She was so sensitive to the areas of pain in my body and to the way I was feeling. The relief I felt during my massage was overwhelming and I actually cried, which was long overdue. Sues massage was one of the highlights of my visit and I often wish I could spirit myself back to that safe haven and onto her table! Everyone should treat themselves to it.
K.Manson, Christchurch, NZ"
" I carry my stress and tension in my shoulders & back and have now had
several massages with Sue, each one delivering relief and improvement in
pain levels and muscle tension allowing me to continue work, family &
exercise commitments.I can vouch for her professional, reliable & caring
approach.Sue surely knows her stuff and has magic hands.I will
definitely keep going back for more treatments... Thanks Sue".

Robyn, Waiuku, NZ.  


It’s a pretty drive out to Fluffy Ducks, made even better by knowing you’ve left behind that dull brick building you work in and ended a long day full of people demanding all you can give.   Working as a nurse – you get sore in places you never knew existed.  It can make you weary. But you can’t help but be a little less unhappy pulling into Sues when you are greeted with such a cheerful welcome.  Sometimes I swear – it’s like you are doing her a favour for coming rather than the other way around.   
I love going to Sues place for more than her ability to sooth this sometimes bushed body I’ve got.  Her space is like a womb with a view – delightfully warm and cosy.  It smells heavenly – not like when your mom spent all day baking on a Sunday good but better – the kind of scents that dance around you and waft up your nose.  Those scents – they whisper to you that you can relax and magically – you DO!.  Sues created the exact right light in there and you can kinda forget if its day or night. ANDDDDDDD – the aura and energy form the crystals is heavenly.  It’s the perfect place if ever you’re going to lose yourself in time........and you will because She’s got majik hands that Sue.  Warm healing hands
Sore feet, achy calves, quirky necks and tight muscles are my nemesis – but Sue has a special calling for sorting them. Bodies, butts, bones, muscles, nerves are Sue’s calling.  There’s nothing she can’t sooth. Those knots in your neck, in the middle of your back – shell find them and work them loose like rusty nuts on the bolts of a car speeding downhill.    Those gnarly aches and pains you have  – Sue loves to find them and magic them away – or at least lessen them.
Sue is the ultimate Fluffy Duck for all pampering and soothing.  She’s professional – I love that she has such knowledge and experience – and has trained as a health professional before her training as a massage therapist.  it’s reassuring to know I’m in such capable and healing hands. 
I love going to Sues place. I always arrive feeling 90 years old and haggard. I leave thinking I’m a spring chicken again.  
Elle W, Hamilton, NZ.