Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where Sue uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of her hands.  At times some stones are left on your body to heat the muscles. The stones come in a number of shapes and sizes so Sue will fit them to your body. If stones cool they are replaced by heated stones. They are heated in a special heater to ensure your comfort and safety. 

Hot stone massages are known to be very relaxing and deep work is not done unless you actually ask Sue to do it. The heat can help warm up tight muscles so she can work deeply without any discomfort if this is required or requested. Specially shaped stones can be used to release knots in the muscle tissue. 

At times hot stones may be followed by cold stones to reduce inflammation or to increase the muscle release. 

Hot stone massages do cost more than relaxation massages because it requires more preparation and clean-up and usually runs longer.This is unavoidable. 

Hot stone massages are known to assist with:
-      Reducing of stress and pain,
-       Reducing levels of anxiety,
-       Renewing energy levels
-      Increased sense of well-being      
-      Relax individual muscles and eliminates mental stress
-       Help manage chronic pain
-       Drains metabolic waste from the limbs of the body

Hot Stones.. yes a hot stone massage costs more and the reasons may surprise you lol

Hot Stone Massages do take more training and time than you may think… you really need to trust the person about to stone you with hot rocks. Plus there is another side you may not have thought about. Many places turn on the stone heater in the morning and do not change the water or clean the stones between clients.

Please think about this for a few minutes. During a hot stone massage the therapists actually rubs your body with oil or massage wax and then massages you with the hot stones. So surely there is some shedding of a client’s skin cells. Now stones are returned to the heater after use to re-heat for another part of the body and then removed for use again during the same massage. Therefore the massage wax or oil is then added to the water the stones are heating in.

SO do you want to be the 2nd or 3rd person that day to be massaged with stones that have already being used on someone else?

A number of places say just drop a few drops of essential oils in the water between clients to freshen the water.

Well to be blunt at my massage studio I empty the heater and clean the stones between clients just as I change all the linen on the table. Its basic hygiene according to this old nurse. It means I can not do so many clients in a day but I feel offering fresh water and clean stones a small price to pay to ensure the health of my clients.

As to the cost of my Hot Stone Massages, they are the same as other businesses.. I just take pride in the level of hygiene I offer my clients.