This is a warming sensuous massage to be fully relax your body. The addition of Manuka Honey ensures a truly magical warm liquid feeling as well as offering great conditioning to your skin. This is an exquisite treat.  A full body massage using soy wax candles with Manuka Honey. 

Massage wax candles work because soy wax has a very low melt point. This means that you can pour the melted wax directly from the candle with comfort.  By adding Manuka Honey it becomes a lovely emollient massage candle.  At times hot coconut oil may also be used. After the massage, if you wish hot moist towels can be available to remove any residual. I have personally used these massage candles and the massage wax has not left a residual and my skin felt very soft and supple.

The soy wax candles come in a few fragrances.  We are currently offering Vanilla Bean, Coconut & Lime and Honey & Rosehip.

As well as being a wonderful spa experience for you we can incorporate this into a couples massage session.  Soy wax candles are also available for sale for you to use at home.

Hot Wax Massage – 60 minutes  $80.00

Hot Wax Massage – 90 minutes  $110.00

Hot Wax Massage Candle - $45.00 (for use at your own home or as gifts).