This beautiful massage originates from Hawaii.. its is traditionally a healing massage which the knowledgeable Kahuna who were priests carried out to ensure the wellbeing of their people. This massage was used to weld the mind, body and spirit together as one. Often fasts and sweat huts were also used as part of the treatment. Lomi Lomi Massage was used to treat the person, the Kahuna would be investigating the persons problems whether they were physical or emotional or both. Lomi Lomi Massage is still used today in Hawaii.

I have engaged in training to offer Lomi Lomi massage to my clients. This is a wonderful truly relaxing massage; the strokes are given using mainly the forearms and at times the elbows and knuckles. Stretches are also incorporated which help to loosen any tense muscles. No two massages are the same; the therapist feels the client’s body and details a massage for the individual.

Lomi Lomi massage is a very gentle massage, no heavy pressure is applied. It is a flowing gentle massage.  This massage is safe for pregnancy, the gentle wave like movements relax both mother and baby.

Lomi Lomi massage offers not only physical benefits but also release from pent up emotions. The long strokes help you connect with your body again, your mind returning to your body and becoming one again. Rocking motions and strokes given like waves bring you home.

This massage is traditionally preformed with the client naked on the table covered by a light sarong cloth folded in a special way to provide privacy but also allowing the therapist access to the body. This draping allows the full long strokes that are characteristic of Lomi Lomi massage to be performed. There are disposable G-strings available for your privacy.

This massage also incorporates the use of warm coconut oil.

After the massage, hot moist towels will be used to remove any excess massage oil.

As an extra spa treatment prior to the massage you can be exfoliated with dry Riffi brushing. This will allow the coconut oil to have a lovely effect on your skin. Following the massage there is an option for having a beautiful Honey Body Moisturiser applied. This moisturiser contains New Zealand Manuka and Kanuka oils along with Lavender Oil.

Even thou you can be nude on the table this is NOT a sexual or erotic massage, it is a healing massage. Please respect the massage as it is offered.

Lomi Lomi Massage  1 hour $75.00

Lomi Lomi Massage with exfoliation and Honey Body Moisturiser 90 minutes $100.00