You can now enjoy a facial with your massage... add on one of three different facials depending on the time you have available. The skin products used are by Skin Deep which is a New Zealand company producing beautiful lotions and potions using the local ingredients of Manuka Honey, Manuka and Kanuka oils.  You face will thank you... by adding a facial onto a massage you are really pampering your body!

Sue has just completed a intensive waxing course, this will enable you to have a number of different waxing options available to you. Brazilians are available as well.  She also caters to all body shapes, no body shaming here. A bidet is available for you to freshen yourself before bikini or brazilian waxes are started.  Both sexes are catered for with different waxes available. No need to leave here smelling of roses if you are a man lol. Check out the prices on the wax page. Appointments are required. 

In keeping with our wish to keep bringing you new experiences Sue will be offering Riffi Brushing Massages and Hot Wax Massages starting in the middle of February 2016.  Last year we added Hot Stone Massages after Sue completed the training. This has proven popular with clients.

Healing Dialogue is also a new service.  Sue holds Diplomas in Health and Human Behaviour & Applied Mental Health, she is currently working towards a BA in Applied Science with a major in physcology. So if you need a friendly ear to discuss things that may be overwelming you have a read of the Healing Dialogue page and consider what she has to offer. 

At Fluffy Ducks Pampering there is a collection of crystals to ensure the room is filled with crystal energy. These include amongst others peach stilbite cluster, citrine, green rainbow calcite, red dog tooth calcite, amethyst, black amethyst and many others. Sue is always on the lookout for more interesting crystals to add to the room.

In amongst this small collection can be found a pair of Moqui Balls which are also called Shaman Stones, Shamanic Star Stones, Mochi Marbles or Thunder Balls. Moqui balls are found in in the Navajo Sandstone Formation in Utah. These sandstone balls covered in hematite are believed to have been formed by a meteorite strike. They have long being used by Sharman to heal and in their ceremonies. 

The stones are found in pairs: one more rounded in form which is considered the female and a disk-like one considered the male. Their vibration may help align your Chi and balance your male to female vibrations. They are considered to offer a strong protective energy against undesirable entities from connecting to you. 

Sue at times uses these to help you let go of deep seated fears that may be causing you stress. If she believes you will benefit from the Moqui Balls she will give you time to relax after a massage or Reiki session holding the balls while listening to music in total privacy. This time is yours to reflect and allow the Moqui Balls to re-align your energies. 

The feedback from ladies who take the time to use these treasures is very interesting. They often comment that they can feel the vibrations and a sense of pushing and pulling. These balls seem to impart a tranquil sense of wellbeing to the user.. and of course are present in the room at all times to protect the room and its occupants.

A road sign has arrive to help you locate us in the dark.  

Loyalty Cards are available and every tenth visit will be free! 

The service is the same as the services marked on the card. So if you visit for relaxation massages your tenth relaxation massage is free. 

Gift vouchers are a lovely way to show someone you're thinking of them. What could be better than gifting that special person a relaxing massage? 

So many people struggle with the effects of injury and many do not take time for themselves to relax.
Fluffy Ducks have gift vouchers so that you can spoil that special someone. Even if you live in a different part of New Zealand, you can still treat your family member or friend living in South Auckland or Franklin. 
Sue will organise a voucher to be sent out in a suitable greeting card. You can pay for this with Visa, Mastercard, or via internet banking.