Riffi brushing is a great way to start a massage… the Riffi brush works to stimulate your lymphatic system, exfoliates your skin and increases circulation. Of course this is what massages do as well, so why not allow me to stimulate your body by two different methods to receive a truly reinvigorating experience.  Remember you largest organ is your skin; this is your first and primary protection against infections amongst other functions.  Therefore looking after your skin is a great way to help it protect you.

Riffi brushing is a gentle but firm stroke with a mitt made of aloe sisal. This will awaken your skin and exfoliate any dead or loose skin cells prior to a massage using coconut oil. Your skin may be slightly reddened after the brushing. Yes you can do a home scrub but with this therapy let me do the work for you. Generally a home scrub is done in the shower whereas this is a dry treatment. I ensure that I get your entire body while you relax back. Plus your skin and body will be awakened and hence be more conscious to the following massage. The freshen skin will be more accepting of the healing  properties of the coconut oil.

To enjoy a Riffi brushing prior to your massage you must have good skin without any cuts or abrasions.  If you have breaks in your skin I would not be able to Riffi brush that area or massage. If you have an area that may be questionably please discuss this with Sue when you make a booking.

Riffi massage brushing is a dry therapy which is then followed by a full body massage with coconut oil. This will result in smoother, clearer and better toned skin.

Riffi brushing with coconut oil massage – 90 minutes   $100.00