Bamboo massage is an advanced way to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead.  The warm heat encourages an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. Bamboo massage has a holistic power to induce relief from modern stresses and strains that keep hammering us in the fast paced world.

A bamboo massage is done using bamboo canes of different lengths and diameters, they can be used warmed or at room temperature. Sticks of various widths and lengths are used for gliding strokes, whereas smaller tools can be used for more detailed work. The canes are used as a tool which replaces the therapist’s hands. At times the bamboo is rolled along other times it is used static in the therapist’s hands.  Some moves are almost fan like in nature which allows access to the tighter areas such as necks and under arms.  Fan moves are also useful over the glutes to release these as well. The longer rods can be used in rocking motions over some sets of muscles which is a very different feeling to any other sort of massage stroke.

Warm Bamboo Massage is similar to Hot Stone Massage but the bamboo rods can be longer and cover a larger area in one move than the hot stones. The bamboo rods are not left in place as sometimes is done in Hot Stone Massage.

This form of massage tool can be used for deep tissue massage.  It became popular around 2004 when a therapist called Nathalie Cecilia introduced the rods to her work. Nathalie used the bamboo rods to assist with deep tissue massage when her wrists and hands became tired.  Today this form of massage is available throughout the world and is gaining in popularity with clients. 

Warm Bamboo Massage   60 Minutes  $100.00

Warm Bamboo Massage   90 Minutes  $150.00