​Fluffy Ducks is pleased to announce that we are suppliers of Wearable Wheatbags.  We hold in stock a number of their wheatbags and wool wraps.

The wheatbags are designed to be used "on the go" and strap on.  They also feature washable covers so the bag is always clean.  The inner wheatbag can be opened and the wheat replaced or added to if desired.  So no need to throw away wheatbags if someone has over heated the wheatbag in the past. Just replace the wheat. 

The wool wraps are also worn and work by adding a layer of warmth to the area covered. This may assist with reducing the amount of pain relief you need to take when dealing with on-going injuries. 

The wheatbags are available with either a cotton cover or a wool cover which can then of course be used without the wheatbag.

These are unique in their design and most joints like ankle, wrist, knee, lower back and neck are easier covered. With the adjustable straps they will fit most people comfortable. A shoulder design is currently being worked on and hopefully will be available soon. 

Sue has personally used the knee wheatbag and knee wool wrap with great results.

Just check with Sue what is in stock she holds a good selection of the products of Wearable Wheatbags.